Tim Vieira


I develop machine learning algorithms for tough problems—tending toward natural language processing applications. When I'm not in front of a whiteboard or computer, I'm probably climbing things, walking around on my hands, or eating delicious vegan food.

I'm working on my PhD with Jason Eisner. We're using reinforcement learning to speedup inference algorithms and developing the Dyna programming language. I've also worked with Andrew McCallum on Rexa and FACTORIE; Dan Roth on Textual Entailment.

Roller Derby

My alter ego, Mr. Sprinkles, used to play roller derby with Harm City.


In high school I was big into snakeboarding.


The 5th Ave - my gorgeous '84 Fifth Ave purchased for a mere $900 - installed the hydraulics myself!
The Big Bad Baby Blue Buick - hydraulics on the back this time. You can't tell in this video, but the car was scraping the ground.


Code & Resources

Check out my technical blog (Graduate Descent) and github for more!


FACTORIE is a probabilistic programming framework implemented as a software library in Scala. Providing users with a succinct framework for creating abritrary factor graphs with tied parameters, estimating parameters, and performing inference.

The Arsenal

My personal arsenal of python utilities, recipes, scripts, and "gutted" components of other projects.